Saturday, May 14, 2016

Busy night...

The finish team had a rather busy night last night, and no time to blog with boats stretched out juuuust enough to keep us up until mid morning waiting on the jetty.

Starting around 0117, the finish crew got the call that the lead boats were around Race Rocks but going slow.  Shortly thereafter came the hurried call that they were "making good time" toward the finish.  Running out the door to be on station for finishers, we then watched the painful duel to reach the finish for just a brief 3 hours.
First to finish was Rage shortly after 0427, followed closely by Time Bandit and Panama Red. Shortly thereafter came Kinetic V, and Anam Cara and hotly on their heels with building fresh breeze was Free Bowl of Soup.  The wind continued to build quickly as the sun rose and a thunder storm rumbled out over the western reaches of the island and after a bit of a break we finished Rain Drop, then Hana Mari and Blade Runner, then Night Runner.

Best quotes of the night:
"Race Committee, we are 1 hour out" (sure you are!)
"Race Committee, we are 1 hour out" (sure you are!)
"Race Committee, we are 1 hour out" (this sounds familiar!)
"Race Committee, we are on 'final approach'" (to where? Esquimalt?)
"Race Committee, we hope to be in within an hour" (we sure hope you will be, too!)
"Race Committee, can you give us a little hope here?" (sure... you've got 200 more feet to go! but the breeze is filling in for the boats behind you!)
"Race Committee, I think we've finished!" (uhhh, no... we'll let you know when you've finished, but thanks for helping!)

It was a fun night, but the caffeine is wearing off and it's time to nap while we wait for the next cohort to make it around Race Rocks.

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