Friday, May 13, 2016

Day 2 - 2016 CYC Oregon Offshore international Yacht Race

Day 1 Summary:

The first day of the race saw predominantly light air  throughout most of the day, with some stronger breezes along the coastline in the afternoon. Due to tidal considerations, the race got off to an early start, which frustrated some wanting a later start with more breeze. The starting strategy turned out to be a key consideration, as those boats that trended right early got the advantage of some north and westerly tidal push from the ebb tide until 1:30 in the afternoon. Early leaders chose the right side of the course on day 1, sailing well inside of rhumb line and as close to the Washington Coast as anyone would dare.

This is truly a unique race because the fleet sailed closer to the coast than any other Oregon offshore in recent memory. It was a fight upwind as the boats searched for wind pockets and tactical advantages anywhere they could find them. Later in the day, the beat around the entrances to Willapa Bay and Gray's Harbor provided some great opportunities for tactical advantage but required strong crew work as the lead boats picked their way around the entrance.

Stepping aside from the racing action for just a moment, the biodiversity of this region is absolutely amazing. Some of the coastal areas covered by the racers includes a variety of sea birds, sea mammals, and other natural scenery that is truly spectacular. It looks like the fleet got a close up view of the coastline; I hope some of the boats have some good photographers with long lenses and pictures to share later.

The key to taking the day 1 lead for Kinetic V could be summed up in two words - boat speed. Kinetic V consistently sailed faster than most of her competition, particularly on the short starboard tack reaches out to sea. Kinetic V seemed to reach off slightly more, achieving speeds in the 7's and 8's while others struggled to keep up. Sailing it tight going right, and sailing it loose going left seemed to pay off in the sloppy seas.

Rage had a difficult start and went west early. After watching the rest of the fleet break for the beach later in the day, Rage followed and eventually took over the second position late in the evening.
There have been so many other accomplishments - Rain Drop, Blade Runner, and Night Runner leading the fleet right early.

We saw a classic Class A2 battle between rivals Panama Red, Anam Cara and Time Bandit - trading tacks all day and night now, still tightly packed, and the beauty and majesty of Night Runner leading the pack early.

The race sounds even better in the southern end of the fleet. Who doesn't enjoy an occasional Souffle and a Blue Martini? There's no doubt that everyone is having a great time, despite the slow winds!

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