Saturday, May 14, 2016

Lady Eileen Finishes....That's A Wrap!

Lady Eileen has finished!

With that, after nearly 64 hours of grueling racing, the 2016 CYC Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race is complete! Stay tuned for more photos, videos, results and updates on this blog and on the Oregon Offshore Facebook page as they become available.

Thanks again to all of the competitors, spectators, sponsors and crew that made the 40th anniversary of the CYC Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race a HUGE success!

We'll always remember this year's race as the year of the "Oregon Grinder"!

(It was really more of a Washington Grinder but there was a nice homophone in there!)

BTW, can someone please turn off the Race Tracker when they leave?!?

For next year, we're thinking about using a "Crew Tracker" for the post race festivities in town; now that would be interesting!

Sign up for next year's 2017 CYC Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race to find out!

Thanks again to everyone!

Flamingo Chris... over & out!

1 comment:

Shirley Sanders said...

Many thanks to Flamingo Chris and the entire CYC volunteer team for a fantastic race!!!!

Some of my friends even followed the running commentary and tracker.
I'll be back onboard Cool Change next year!

See you all in PA around 5:30.

Shirley Sanders