Friday, May 13, 2016

Lead Boats Fight for Dominance at the Turn - Tight Racing Continues!

Tight racing continues throughout the fleet in a number of notable match-ups.

Kinetic V and Rage are locked in a tight battle at the turn, both are located just south of Cape Flattery... It's going to be interesting to see who gets in the Strait first.

Fleet A2 is still a toss-up; Panama Red, Anam Cara, and Time Bandit are all locked in a tight battle just south of the leaders, with Time Bandit still commanding the lead.

The next group, consisting of class A and B boats, is also tight! Rain Drop leads the pack, with Hana Mari, Blade Runner, Night Runner, and Free Bowl of Soup all within striking distance.

Canard, Bum's Rush & Turnagain have a tight race going on just south of Destruction Island with Wy'East and Makai not far behind, exchanging tacks.

The entire Oregon Offshore fleet is now north of Gray's Harbor, and the southernmost group, consisting of Thirsty, Cool Change, Cantata, Aja, and Passepartout, are making good progress up the track with today's more westerly breeze. Souffle & Yahtzee are also having a fine cruise and staying up well with the rest of the fleet... You're never losin' when you're cruisin'!

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