Monday, May 16, 2016

Mucho Gusto!

A big thanks to our sponsors; to Tom Keffer, Gregg Bryden, and Mike Cassinelli and the Coho Sally for the work at the start; to Eric and Kim Rimkus, Gary Bruner for their work at the finish line; to Naomi Reichman, Kelsey Friedman, Heather Zieser, and Joe Hoffman, your hospitality crew; and to Charlotte Gann, Vern Burkhardt, Dennis McMillan, and Robert Johnson for the tracker support and awards BBQ; to Eric Rouzee for the outstanding Oregon Offshore logo.

Let's not forget our master-blogger, keeping you all informed and entertained... Flamingo Chris Christensen from Portland, OR. Well done and a million thanks, Chris.

CYC Portland couldn't run this event without the help of dozens of volunteers, and I am sure I am missing tons of names! Thank you to everyone who pitched in to make this thing a huge success for the last 40 years! Here's to another 40...

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