Saturday, May 14, 2016

Oregon Offshore Update - The 2016 Oregon "Grinder"! 24 Hours & 14 Boats Remaining!

Well, it's been an interesting last couple of days on the water with the 2016 CYC Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race!

So far, ten boats have finished, with 14 boats remaining out on the course.

There are still 24 hours remaining in the time limit for the final boats to finish the race. As the western end of the fleet rounds Cape Flattery this morning, it looks like all of the boats will have ample time and opportunity to finish!

We're going to call this year's race the "Oregon Grinder" due to the extremely grueling conditions.

I counted the tacks from one of the cruising boats on the first day of the race. I'll bet some of these boats haven't tacked that much in the past six months! From light winds to strong breezes, from winds on the nose for hours to winds from all over the place, to monster holes and wicked tides... It's been a real challenge to get to the finish this year.

Congratulations to all of the participants in the 2016 CYC Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race!

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