Saturday, May 14, 2016

Riding The Tides Towards The Finish

We've focused quite a bit in this race on tides, currents, and their effects on the racing fleet and tactics.

First, we saw a huge tidal ebb flow out of the Columbia River "mushroom" for much of the start of the race.

This allowed the boats on the northern edge of the fleet to benefit early with a lee bow push upwind, northwesterly, and out to sea.

Then, last night, we saw the brutal effects of the tide and current change at Race Rocks, and how devastating the effects of combined light winds and strong currents can be, even on the biggest, toughest competitors.

Today, it's a different story. We've got the last few remaining boats riding in on a nice gentle flood, or incoming tidal current. Today, the flood tide will help push the fleet towards the finish line until about 9:30 pm tonight, and won't turn to an ebb tide until after midnight.

Given that there are still three hours of daylight left today, it's safe to assume that we should see most of the boats finish before midnight tonight.

Then again... You never know. Lady Eileen better start leanin' a little more.

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: The time limit for this year's race expires at 1000 hours PDT (10 am), Sunday, May 15th.


Susan Coulson said...

I don't know who has been writing this blog, but thank you. I have enjoyed it.

c_legs said...

It's Chris Christensen of the J24 Flamingo, from Portland!