Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Great Circle Route vs. Rhumb Line... What Does Rage Know? Answer: A Lot!

The shortest distance between two points, especially when sailing, isn't always a straight line. That being said, it's easy to "chase the wind" and find yourself far off track from your intended destination, but still finish first or in top position in a long distance race.

As the Oregon Offshore fleet closes in on the mouth of Willapa Bay, two thoughts come to mind. First, this fleet of racers is getting a very unique perspective of a stretch of coastline not seen by many, especially this close-up. Usually the fleet doesn't sail "inside of rhumb" this early in the race. Second, by staying offshore and sticking to a known "big picture" strategy, Rage seems to be in good position to make up its lost lead as the afternoon breeze (hopefully) freshens. Even if the winds stay light, Rage has avoided sailing the extra distance deep into the coast, which should start paying off over the next few hours... We'll see.

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