Tuesday, May 10, 2016

We updated the Sailing Instructions!

Make sure you have the most recent version posted here. (These will be in your skipper packets, too.)

We will confirm the start time at the Skippers' Meeting tomorrow, but we are tentatively planning for 1230 hours this Thursday, May 12.

Remember, skipper or a representative must be present at the Skippers' Meeting, which will be held at Rogue Public House, 100 39th Street, Astoria, Oregon, at 1800 hours tomorrow May 11. After the meeting, your whole crew is invited to join us for food, drinks, t-shirts, and raffle tickets for sale.

See you there!


Bob Brunius said...

12:30? That sure is late. With the light wind forecast it sure would be nice to get an early start.

c_legs said...

Stand by. We understand your concern, and are discussing.