Friday, April 14, 2017

Entry: Whoodat, Tartan 33

We love to see new boats racing in the OOR! With a skipper, Kevin James, hailing from Spokane and a boat, Whoodat a Tartan 33, hailing from Port Townsend, they have Washington state represented. Kevin is no stranger to the ocean with several deliveries across the Pacific under his belt. He is planning his second attempt at a Singlehanded TransPac next year (first 2014 attempt thwarted off the coast of Mendocino when he made it through a gale in one piece but the boat didn't). If that's not enough, he is planning to also race Van Isle 360, Pac Cup, and Vic Maui in the near future. We love that aggressive line up! Welcome Whoodat and crew

PHRF Pending

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Charlotte said...

Not racing Swiftsure?