Wednesday, May 17, 2017

2017 Class Winners - A Final Shout Out

The Corinthian Yacht Club of Portland would like to thank all of the participants and sponsors that took part in the success of this year's 2017 CYC Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race.

Special congratulations go out again to the individual PHRF and One Design class winners:

PHRF Class A1 Winner - Wylie 70 "Rage"

PHRF Class A2 Winner - J-46 "Riva"

PHRF Class B Winner - Cascade 36 "Raindrop"

PHRF Class C Winner - Ericson 35 Mark II "Aja"

J-105 Class Winner - J-105 "Free Bowl of Soup"

Cruising Class Winner: Cal 34 "Souffle"

Monday, May 15, 2017

Congratulations to all the racers from Schooner Creek Boat Works! We are proud of your sense of adventure in pursuing this race. Thank you for participating in this year's Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race.

Oregon's Version of the "Auld Mug"

The prestigious trophy for winning first Overall in the Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race will have another THREE names emblazoned on it this year - Schenk, Hopper & Davis.
The trio sailed their J-105 "Free Bowl of Soup" to an overall victory in the 2017 race under blustery conditions.
Who will be the 2018 winner? Only time will tell!
Above: The coveted CYC Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race Overall Trophy

DC says: "don't make me come up there!"

PHRF Class A1 Corrected Time Winner In the 2017 CYC Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race: Rage

Congratulations to skipper David Raney & crew of the Wylie 70, "Rage" - 2017 First in Class PHRF A1 Winners!
Rage was first to finish and first in class in the 2016 CYC Oregon Offshore, and the Overall race winner in 2015, 1997 & 1994. Photo courtesy of Schooner Creek Boat Works.

More Oregon Offshore Photos

Maria Swearingen Photography/SailingPDX Photography:
Oregon Offshore Facebook Page:
Team Stay Gold's Facebook Page:
Free Bowl of Soup's Facebook Page:
Kinetic V Sailing Facebook Page:
J-105 NW Fleet Facebook Page:

Here's an "old school" picture of the first Oregon Offshore Race......that year, the fleet headed south to Newport, Oregon instead of north to Victoria, so back then it was just the Oregon, it is the CYC Oregon Offshore INTERNATIONAL Yacht Race. In 1977, a hot new boat was just coming onto the sailing scene, the J-24!
Staysails, bloopers, tall boys, spankers and cross-cut spinnakers were all part of the first Oregon Offshore race.
File Photo

B.O.A.T. - Break Out Another Thousand

Or two.....
"Looks like there's some heavy weather coming. Put up all the canvass, we'll let god take it down"
- Ted Turner, 1979 Fastnet
The crew from the J-105 "Abstract" inspects their shredded spinnaker at the dock in Victoria, B.C. in the aftermath of the 2017 CYC Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race. Just one of many great stories from the race, where winds ranged from dead calm to gusts exceeding 30 knots at times.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Scenes FromThe 2017 CYC Oregon Offshore Awards Ceremony

Drying out the sail inventory at the dock in Victoria following a wet and (sometimes) windy CYC Oregon Offshore race. Photo Credit: Eric Hopper.
What time is it? Coffee time! 5 am live TV interview before the race. Photo Credit: Eric Hopper.
Safety first! Photo Credit: Eric Hopper.

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First In Class, First Overall & First On Your Television Dial!

Congratulations to the crew of the J-105 "Free Bowl of Soup", PHRF Overall and J-105 Class winner in the 2017 CYC Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race!
Before the race, the team even had time for a live television interview on the dock in Astoria, broadcast live in Oregon & SW Washington on NBC KGW Channel 8.
"Yeah, we're going to win....we're going to sail really fast, beat everybody....and win...yep, that's what we're going to do."

Way to go Soup!

Final Result Details - Part 1: Boat Name/Type/PHRF Ratings/Time Allowances/Finish Times

Boat Name                 Boat Type             PHRF Rating        Time Allowance                Finish Time
Souffle Cal 34 none cruising class 05/13/17 06:14:30
Whoodat Tartan 33 none withdrew Withdrew - DNS
Kinetic V TP-52 -84 00:00 05/12/17 15:10:07
Rage Wylie 70 -63 01:07 05/12/17 15:10:22
Anam Cara J/122 42 06:45 05/12/17 19:02:01
Hana Marie Wylie 43 66 08:02 withdrew - DNS
Panama Red Mumm 36 51 07:14 withdrew - DNF
Riva J/46 45 06:54 05/12/17 17:21:51
Velocity J/42 72 08:21 05/12/17 19:08:50
Blue Martini Valiant 50 135 11:44 05/13/17 18:02:20
Desperado New York 36 108 10:17 05/13/17 01:41:25
Passepartout Stevens 47 114 10:36 05/13/17 04:07:36
Rain Drop Cascade 36 138 11:54 05/12/17 20:52:31
Sloop Dawg Beneteau 93 09:29 05/13/17 00:50:24
Stay Gold Morgan 36T 126 11:15 05/13/17 03:38:47
Aja Ericson 35-2 150 12:32 05/13/17 05:20:48
Cantata Ericson 38 147 12:23 Withdrew - DNS
Cool Change C&C 38 144 12:13 05/13/17 17:20:32
Sol Pacifico Catalina 470 141 12:03 05/13/17 18:10:00
Abstract J/105 93 09:29 05/12/17 19:14:29
Escape Artist J/105 93 09:29 05/13/17 00:27:14
Free Bowl of Soup J/105 93 09:29 05/12/17 18:20:15

Final Results Details - Part 2: Times

Final Elapsed & Corrected Times for the 2017 CYC Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race

Elapsed Time                  Corrected Time             Boat Name
1d 20:14:30 1d 20:14:30 Souffle
DNS DNS Whoodat - DNS
1d 05:10:07 1d 09:40:19 Kinetic V
1d 05:10:22 1d 08:33:01 Rage
1d 09:02:01 1d 06:46:55 Anam Cara
DNS DNS Hana Marie - DNS
DNF DNF Panama Red - DNF
1d 07:21:51 1d 04:57:06 Riva
1d 09:08:50 1d 05:17:14 Velocity
2d 08:02:20 2d 00:48:05 Blue Martini
1d 15:41:25 1d 09:54:01 Desperado
1d 18:07:36 1d 12:00:54 Passepartout
1d 10:52:31 1d 03:28:37 Raindrop
1d 14:50:24 1d 09:51:15 Sloop Dawg
1d 17:38:47 1d 10:53:29 Stay Gold
1d 19:20:48 1d 11:18:18 Aja
DNS DNS Cantata - DNS
2d 07:20:32 1d 23:37:20 Cool Change
2d 08:10:00 2d 00:36:27 Sol Pacifico
1d 09:14:29 1d 04:15:20 Abstract
1d 14:27:14 1d 09:28:05 Escape Artist
1d 08:20:15 1d 03:21:06 Free Bowl of Soup
Yellow highlighted text denotes fastest elapsed time
Green highlighted text denotes fastest corrected time
Souffle is in the Cruising Class and therefore her times are the same

Class Breakdowns & Final Position Standings

PHRF Class A1:
1) Rage
2) Kinetic V

PHRF Class A2:
1) Riva
2) Velocity
3) Anam Cara

PHRF Class B:
1) Raindrop
2) Sloop Dawg
3) Desperado
4) Stay Gold
5) Passepartout
6) Blue Martini

PHRF Class C:
1) Aja
2)Cool Change
3) Sol Pacifico

J-105 Class:
1) Free Bowl of Soup
2) Abstract
3) Escape Artist

Cruising Class:
1) Souffle

Final Overall Results.....The Soup Wins It!

The Overall PHRF Corrected Time Winner & Winner of the J-105 Class in the 2017 CYC Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race is.....
Schenk, Hopper, and Davis's sixth Oregon Offshore race was the charm, as the J-105 team from Portland won Class and Overall Division Honors in the 2017 CYC Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race
Here Are The OVERALL Race Results!

1) Free Bowl of Soup, J-105, J-105 Class
2) Raindrop - Cascade 36, PHRF Class B
3) Abstract - J-105, J-105 Class
4) Riva - J-46, PHRF Class A2
5) Velocity - J-42, PHRF Class A2
6) Anam Cara - J-122, PHRF Class A2
7) Rage - Wylie 70, PHRF Class A1
8) Escape Artist - J-105, J-105 Class
9) Kinetic V - TP-52, PHRF Class A1
10) Sloop Dawg - Beneteau, PHRF Class B
11) Desperado - New York 36, PHRF Class B
12) Stay Gold - Morgan 35T, PHRF Class B
13) Aja - Ericson 35 Mark II, PHRF Class C
14) Passepartout - Stevens 47, PHRF Class B
15) Cool Change - C&C 38, PHRF Class C
16) Sol Pacifico - Catalina 470, PHRF Class C
17) Blue Martini - Valiant 50, PHRF Class B
18) Panama Red, Mumm 36, PHRF CLASS A2 (Withdrew, DNF)
19) Hana Marie, Wylie 43, PHRF Class A2 (Withdrew, DNS)
20)Cantata, Ericson 38, PHRF Class C (Withdrew, DNS)

1) Souffle, Cal 34, Cruising Class
2) Whoodat, Tartan 33, Cruising Class (withdrew, DNS)

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Aaaaaand....We're Done!

This is why we do it!...Thank you again to all of the competitors in the 2017 CYC Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race! See you again next year!

Photo Credit: Ashley Paterson

CYC Hospitality Crew....Working Hard!

Behind the scenes, it takes a lot of great volunteers to pull off the CYC Oregon Offshore each year.
Pictured here, the CYC Hospitality Crew poses for a quick team picture at the docks in Victoria.
The volunteers do everything! Photos, transportation, boat welcoming, recording race times, logistics, starts, finishes, etc., etc.
Thank you to ALL of the dedicated volunteers and CYC folks who made this year's race possible!

They're All In!

Cool Change crew in Victoria:
Blue Martini....
Photo Credit: Steve Ford
Sol Pacifico....backin 'er in to hook up the shore power!

Incorrect Code, The Away Team & Another Race Entirely

As this years fleet was crossing the start line at buoy 2, some of us here on shore discovered that none of the pics Flamingo Chris was posting were displaying on the blog. After determining that we had absolutely no idea what was wrong a professional was called in.  

Kris Amundson; IT pro, past Offshore crew, & the only local racer with oar locks on his sailboat, jumped into the breech.  After assessing the sites code he was able to set Flamingo Chris on the right course.  With Kris's insights Chris (confusing isn't  it) had pics up on the blog again in short order.  Below Kris A explains why his Express 27, Spar Trek, is not out there giving the bigger boats a run for their money this year.
Hi, Kris Amundson here. I helped fix the blog earlier and was told I could post something.  Instead of talking about where I work, I'll talk about why I'm not in the Oregon Offshore this year -- Race to Alaska! Last December I obtained an Express 27, named it Spar Trek, and wrangled a crew and named us Away Team. You might see us in the Offshore next year but until then, follow us on the R2AK website ( or on our page:

Calm & Collected, Cool Change Approaches Race Rocks

Cool Change is closing in on her home territory of Canada (C&C boats are built there!), with Race Rocks in her sights just about a mile or two ahead of her current position...Blue Martini & Sol Pacifico are further back, but inching ahead as won't be long now before all boats are safely in Victoria! Winds at Race Rocks are now reported S @ 4 knots.
Hmmmm......C &C, Martini, Sol, Pacifico....there's a common theme here......?!?

Send Us Your Race Videos & Photos!

Do you have exciting race videos or photos from this year's Oregon Offshore race that you'd like to share?
Did you post them on your Facebook page, but you only have 3 FB friends?!?
Send them to us! We'll post them here, on the Oregon Offshore Race blog, for all to see and enjoy!
"G" rated only content please, this is a family friendly blog!
Please email your photos or videos to and we'll get them up online as soon as possible. Please I.D. the boat, people in the picture, what is going on, along with the name of the photographer who took the picture or video when you send it in!
Note: This is not a scene from this years race, but we can hardly
 wait to see the pictures and videos that do come in from the boat crews!

Clearing Up A Little Confusion.......

Official Race Results for the 2017 CYC Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race have not yet been posted due to the fact that 3 boats are still racing.
One point that may need a little clearing up is, who won between Rage & Kinetic V?
According to my sources at the finish line, Kinetic V eked out a 15 second victory - boat for boat - over Rage. That makes Kinetic V officially the first boat to finish the race.
Rage however, has a PHRF rating for this race of -63. Kinetic V's PHRF rating is -84.
That means that, for each mile of the race, Kinetic V must "give time" to Rage at an allowance of 21 seconds for every mile of the course, so even if it had been just a one mile course, Rage still would have won on "corrected" or (outdated term) "handicapped" time.
So, that means that Rage actually "saved her time", or won (on corrected time ) the PHRF A1 Class easily, given their time allowance.
Hey, a win's a win! Both boats & crews deserve credit for a great close race and one heckuva exciting finish! Congratulations to Kinetic V AND Rage!

Photo taken just before the finish of the 2017 CYC Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race which finished in Victoria, B.C. The TP52  "Kinetic V" (to leeward) beat the Wylie 70 "Rage" (to windward in this photo) over the line by just 15 seconds after racing more than 100 miles from Astoria, Oregon. Photo Credit: Craig Garrison