Friday, May 12, 2017

A Crazy Night At The Cape

It looks like things have shaken up a bit.....
Riva has passed Rage and is catching up to Kinetic V, which has sailed into a hole.
Riva chose to hug the Washington coast rather than cross the shipping channels as was anticipated....the gamble apparently is paying off, as the two lead boats struggle to find consistent winds in the northern sections of the Strait.
What the heck is going on with Panama Red?!? It's anyone's guess at this point, but they sailed the greatest great circle route last night in the history of OO.....they are still well outside of the mouth of the Strait and will need some pretty good mojo to make uplost distance.
There is more to report, but here are some screen captures to illustrate the action:


Anonymous said...

looks like some the trackers are no longer tracking - at 7:31 this morning, Rage's last position was at 2:42; Kinetic V was at 6:05; Riva was at 6:07

Anonymous said...

Rage's last status update is time-stamped around 2:42am, Kinetic around 6am. Does that mean we don't actually know their exact location at 7:35am? Thanks!

Flamingo Chris said...

Yes, the Race Tracker time stamp is all important...I MAY have misreported Riva ahead of Rage earlier due to a time stamp lag, but I'm watching the update times more closely now!