Thursday, May 11, 2017

Another Fast Start for the 2017 CYC Oregon Offshore?

The weather has been cold and rainy most of this year in Oregon, and the start of today's race will see more of the same.
The GOOD NEWS about the weather, is that the winds are predicted to be predominantly from the South, allowing for a probable spinnaker start and a nice quick reach up the coast to the turn.
The seas are always a little lumpy in these conditions, so crew work and sail handling is key to moving to the front of the pack early.
Lumpy seas are no stranger to this race...they don't affectionately call it the Straits of Juan de "Puka" for nothing....

Rhumb Line or Great Circle Route?
Last year, a strong ebb tidal flow to the Northwest at the start pushed the fleet with a lee bow current off the starting line on their upwind trek....this year, with the winds from astern, that tidal effect could be magnified, with boats hugging the coast getting the most benefit.
That is, IF the wind closer to shore holds....there is often more unobstructed breeze with less land influence farther out to sea....we'll see what strategy pays off this year!

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