Saturday, May 13, 2017

Clearing Up A Little Confusion.......

Official Race Results for the 2017 CYC Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race have not yet been posted due to the fact that 3 boats are still racing.
One point that may need a little clearing up is, who won between Rage & Kinetic V?
According to my sources at the finish line, Kinetic V eked out a 15 second victory - boat for boat - over Rage. That makes Kinetic V officially the first boat to finish the race.
Rage however, has a PHRF rating for this race of -63. Kinetic V's PHRF rating is -84.
That means that, for each mile of the race, Kinetic V must "give time" to Rage at an allowance of 21 seconds for every mile of the course, so even if it had been just a one mile course, Rage still would have won on "corrected" or (outdated term) "handicapped" time.
So, that means that Rage actually "saved her time", or won (on corrected time ) the PHRF A1 Class easily, given their time allowance.
Hey, a win's a win! Both boats & crews deserve credit for a great close race and one heckuva exciting finish! Congratulations to Kinetic V AND Rage!

Photo taken just before the finish of the 2017 CYC Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race which finished in Victoria, B.C. The TP52  "Kinetic V" (to leeward) beat the Wylie 70 "Rage" (to windward in this photo) over the line by just 15 seconds after racing more than 100 miles from Astoria, Oregon. Photo Credit: Craig Garrison

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Anonymous said...

Good clarification!

Winning line honors is not the same as winning a race. The real winner of division A1 is ... Rage.

Kinetic V salutes Rage for winning division A1 of the 2017 Oregon Offshore race. That's two wins in a row for Rage sailing against Kinetic V in this event.