Thursday, May 11, 2017

How To Follow Along With The Race Tracker

So, if you are new to sailing, or new to the race tracker, following along is easy and fun!

Just click on the link on the CYC Oregon Offshore home page or click here:

That will open a screen with the entire fleet and their relative positions at last reporting.

If you click on individual boat icons, another screen pops up with the boat's current information: speed, heading, racing division and time of report.

Watch the time of report closely, as some of the boats update more frequently than others.

Be sure to check back often as the wind, weather and race conditions are ever changing.

If a boat reports it's position somewhere on Mt. St. Helens, that means that the transponder is turned off or not working temporarily for some reason. Usually, someone onboard figures it out and rectifies the problem if it occurs.

So, have fun following along, and take some comfort in the fact that it is not YOU out there sailing along in the wind and the cold and the rain and the waves that most certainly IS part of the allure of the CYC Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race!

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