Monday, May 15, 2017

More Oregon Offshore Photos

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Here's an "old school" picture of the first Oregon Offshore Race......that year, the fleet headed south to Newport, Oregon instead of north to Victoria, so back then it was just the Oregon, it is the CYC Oregon Offshore INTERNATIONAL Yacht Race. In 1977, a hot new boat was just coming onto the sailing scene, the J-24!
Staysails, bloopers, tall boys, spankers and cross-cut spinnakers were all part of the first Oregon Offshore race.
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Free Bowl of Soup said...

What our humble (and kick-a$$) blogger didn't mention, is the first entry on the trophy is Jim Christensen on "Destiny" in 1976 from Buoy #2 to Newport. Understand his Dad and Uncle were racing together back then. Cool connection and history! Also, what happened in the lost years for '77-'80? :)