Friday, May 12, 2017

Sailing Her Own Race: Could Riva Win It All?

It's Lonely Near The Top

Riva, a J-46 based in Portland, Oregon, has largely been sailing her own race in this years Oregon Offshore.
While the other boats have been relatively tightly grouped, Riva has been by herself for much of the race....lonely, but it provides some good opportunities.
1) No one knows EXACTLY where you are
2) You Sail In Your Own Wind, good or bad.
3) You can make out like a champ(or a chump) by sailing a "different" race than the other boats, and
4) Less Peer Pressure. When you sail right next to other boats, they can have a tendency to influence your decision making.

Riva is on her own, and, by the looks of things, has made out quite nicely through the night passing Rage and closing considerable distance on the current leader Kinetic V.
Will it hold? Who knows, but the crew onboard Riva probably would have a chesire cat grin on their faces if they could see how much ground they've gained in the last 6 hours.

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