Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Beauty of the Cruiser's Strategy - Souffle Rises To the Challenge! evokes images of warm sunny beaches, colorful drinks and clear blue seas....usually.

On the Oregon Offshore race, there is no aforementioned warmth, light or heat to speak of this year....unless you're in the Cruising Class!

This year's lone cruising class entry is the venerable sailing vessel "Souffle", which, each year, reminds us again of the old sailor's adage "you're never losin' when you're cruisin'"!

But what does it mean to be a "Cruiser"?

It usually means you eat well, drink well, get to keep the lights on at night, get more sleep, have a lot of fun, don't get as wet as everyone else and always have lots of people cheering for you when you finally arrive at the finish line!

You can bet that the crew of Souffle has got something hot in the oven and are having a relatively comfortable trip North.

It is a smart move, if you plan to head North, to surround yourself with the comfort and companionship of other boats....even if you are not racing.

So, if you are shoreside, lift a glass to the crew of Souffle tonight and say a toast to the "lone Rangers" of this year's CYC Oregon Offshore Cruising Class!

Souffle "whips it up" at the start of the 2017 CYC Oregon Offshore race. Notice the Magma BBQ properly stowed and secured on the stern pulpit! Photo credit: Maria Swearingen

Souffle holds a solid lead in 1st place for the Cruising class in this year's CYC Oregon Offshore Race

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Chris Sheesley said...

Thank you for evoking this most poetic and glorious - though perhaps slightly romanticized - depiction of the goings on aboard Soufflé. I wish I was with you all this year. But, will have to be content with a shore-side toast (a fine, cold Black Butte Porter) instead.

Good luck and Godspeed Soufflé! I will dream of you all tonight (admittedly in a warm, non-rocking bed) as you slog Northward, ever northward.