Friday, May 12, 2017

The Midnight Watch & Day 2 of the Race Begins

The "Midnight Watch", romanticized by balladeers such as Christopher Cross and Jimmy Buffet, is a reality tonight for the 19 crews on the CYC Oregon Offshore race.

Usually the first real watch rotation, midnight gives those who have been up since sundown some rack time, and brings up a fresh crew for their first night watch of the race.

Coffee, sleepy eyes and questions like "where are we?" and "what are we doing?" are not uncommon at the change of watch......grumbled comments like "turn off that light" and "where are my boots?" are also common.

If reality hasn't set in about the physical challenges of the race yet, they usually do about now......

Oh, and remember that hot rack we mentioned earlier? Sounds pretty good right now to those coming off watch!

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