Friday, April 6, 2018

Entry: DILLIGAF, Ross 930

DILLIGAF has been owned Keith Climenhaga and raced extensively on Vancouver Island since 2003. Having done numerous Swiftsures, Southern Straits, and three VanIsle 360's, the owner started thinking that there might be some wisdom in the statement by Ted Turner: "The chance for a mistakes is about equal to the number of crew squared."

DILLIGAF embarked on a double handed sailing program and has sailed in this format for the last five Southern Straits, three Patos Island Races, and two Round Lasqueti races. Last year, Steve Dillen joined the boat and they had a remarkable year racing together which ended up starting an email thread, Explorations in Stupidity. The Oregon Offshore represents the culmination of their Explorations in Stupidity.... we trust Explorations in Insanity will follow.

Southern Straits 2017
PHRF 108

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