Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Schooner Creek Oregon Offshore International Yacht Club Winners 2018

2018 Oregon Offshore Winners overall and 1st in Class B

Schooner Creek Boat Works would like to congratulate all of the racers who participated in the 2018 Schooner Creek Boat Works Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race! Especially the overall winner Rain Drop with the youngest racer this year, 14 year old Piper Easton! Schooner Creek Boat Works is proud to support the sailboat racing community. It is very important to us that this community continues to expand and incorporate the next generation of sailors. We hope our commitment to 3 years of title sponsorship can help advance this race and the international sailing community. We believe the best way of expanding the sport is by introducing your passion for sailing to your friends and family. It's hard not to be intrigued by sailing once you've gotten a taste. We love being part of the Schooner Creek Boat Works Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race and are looking forward to future years!

Photo Credit to Danielle Easton

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