Friday, May 11, 2018

Strait Shooter

I'd rather have the spin up flying down the strait right now than sitting in the hole near the entrance fo sho. Rage made their move across the channel and is passing Sheringham Point towards Race Rocks. Riva is dodging commercial traffic at 8.3kts with Hana Mari catching a plane at 10.2 kts!

Tuff break for the rest of A Fleet, Rain Drop and Turnagain fighting to make 1 or 2 kts over ground just to enter the strait. Will Journeyman, Taku, Abstract and Back Bay make up some ground as they all average 5-6kts?

AND don't forget Soufflé cruising at 6.1 kts... although I have a sneaking suspicion they might have a boost from their "cruising class" motor rights. I'm just waiting for a McGregor 26x enter with a 50hp and abuse the cruising class rule LOL!

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