Friday, May 11, 2018

Tactics Watch: Abstract, Salient, Fortuna

From the Tactics Corner brought to you by Passion Yachts: Yacht sales and Sailing lessons.

As of midnight last night Fortuna, Salient and Abstract were all taking a starboard hitch out to the Ocean less than 2 miles from each other (that is close in Ocean racing).  Fortuna took the first tack and passed both transoms followed by both Abstract and Salient around 0120.  In a change of tactics Salient decided to take another hitch out to the Ocean as the Fortuna and Abstract followed the lead boats closer to shore, making a wide gap on the race course.  We will see is Salient's decision will pay off as the boats converge at the rounding to the strait or if Ocean breezes did not favor the bold.

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