Friday, May 11, 2018

Tactics Watch: Salient’s move, America vs Canada

From the Tactics Corner brought to you by Passion Yachts: Yacht Sales and Sailings Lessons

Looks like Salient's move to stronger Ocean breeze has paid off as they are expected to cross Fortuna and left Abstract behind.  Rain Drop has made some great decisions on the course and has caught up to the A fleet.  Rain Drop is leading the B fleet and is rivaling for First Overall.

Taku is looking great for the C fleet and is sitting in 1st place at the moment.

Hana Mari and Riva slowed while rounding the mark into the Strait and setting their spins for a nice ride.  Big decisions to be made by the competitors on whether the US or Canadian coast looks better.  Winds can often be uneven and favor either side.  Boats need to chose a side for current relief and to stay out of the way of commercial traffic.  Looks like Rage is running the outside edge of the inbound shipping channel near the US side.  Watch their tactics when they decide to make their move across the strait.

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