Wednesday, February 20, 2019

2nd Overall

In 2014 Free Bowl of Soup had an unbelievably fast race, but finished 2nd overall to Blade Runner. Just like in 2014, Free Bowl of Soup is 2nd overall, but this time it is 2nd to sign up for Oregon Offshore 2019. These guys are anxious to get back out there after the propeller fiasco of 2018 when they hit a log and sheared off their propeller on the way to Astoria. Despite herculean efforts to replace the prop before the start, they finally had to do the Oregon Inshore (by trailer) to make it to Victoria.

This will be the Soup's 6th Offshore, with their Oregon Offshore highlight being an overall win in 2017. This boat and crew pride themselves on being very active racers, competing in races throughout the Northwest and beyond, including a class win in the 2014 Pacific Cup.

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