Thursday, February 28, 2019


Is your idea of cruising staying up all night, wet, freezing cold and possibly seasick?  If so, you can and should join Souffle in our cruising class!  It must be fun, because they keep coming back year after year in this Cal 34, even when they've been our only cruising class entry.  Phil shares Souffle's racing history as this,"I would note that her first Offshore in 2013 we set the record for the slowest last place boat to finish, and in 2014 we set another record, this time for being the fastest last place boat to finish, both of which are sources for pride for vessel and crew."

We love having Souffle and it would be great if some other cruising class boats would join in the fun.  Seriously, getting your boat north within relative company of other boats is a great way to get to the San Juans or other locations further north.  If you are thinking about it, let us know and we'll help you find a way.

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Anonymous said...

You did it again! Great stuff Phil and crew. We just returned from La Palma, where we'd love to see you on the water too. Jane