Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Cascadia Cup Win!!

Dave Raney’s Rage wins the Cascadia Cup

Dave Raney’s Wylie 70 Rage wins the inaugural Cascadia Cup on the way to victory in the 2019 Swiftsure Lightship Classic.  Dave and his determined crew stuck it out in light wind, no wind and counter current conditions to finish the Classic course at 00:10:58 on Monday the 28th.  Dave and his crew are a competitive bunch and were determined to finish for bragging rights and for the Cascadia Cup win.  The Cascadia Cup is a trophy awarded to the yacht with the lowest combined corrected time in the Oregon Offshore and either the Cape Flattery or the Lightship Classic Swiftsure races.  The Cascadia Cup trophy has been donated by the Royal Victoria Yacht Club and will be awarded at the 2020 Swiftsure awards ceremony.  Congratulations to Dave and his tough crew of offshore veterans.  It is a great feeling to see Rage as the first winner of this trophy. 

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