Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The 43rd Annual Oregon Offshore is set to go

It is 0925, May 8th and almost all the boats are in Astoria. Everyone looks ready, the boats are prepared and all that is left is the Skipper's meeting, the party at the Rogue, a good night's sleep and then hit the line! Everyone I have talked to is eager to go.  This years race looks like a tactical challenge that should test the best of the fleet.  For the first time we have access to Dr. Dewey of the University of Victoria's tidal flow charts.  Dr. Dewey has provided these dynamic charts for the Swiftsure and this year he agreed to give us access to these extremely valuable tools.  Thanks so much!!  Bruce Hedrick will be providing weather information at the Skipper's meeting in person- another first for us- and everyone is really looking forward to his information- Thanks Bruce!

More to come.


Unknown said...

Whereis the link to the race?

Unknown said...

Sail #62 is incorrectly showing as Defiant on the tracker. There are two boats showing as Defiant.

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