Monday, June 3, 2019

Help out a local Portland sailing club

Vancouver Lake Sailing Club has a problem with the lake. It's being invaded with a weed called the Eurasian Milfoil. Estimates are that if left untreated, within 3 years the lake will be unusable for any kind of boating because the weed will take over. They have pulled together local charities and non-profits to raise about 75% of the $175,000 they need to treat the lake with an herbicide that is non-toxic to people, other plants, and aquatic animals. VLSC is holding a fundraiser at the lake this weekend, June 9th, on Sunday at 3:30 (see the attached flyer). There will be food and beverages. Spread the word, stop by if you can, and bring, or send, a donation to help a local fleet. Plus, who knows, maybe you'll get a ride in a Lightning and find out that crewing a dinghy on a lake is way more fun racing that fighting the current of either the Willamette or the Columbia. 

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