Monday, March 20, 2017

Entry: Rage, Wylie 70

Skipper David Raney did not disappoint again this year. He and the Rage crew will represent Portland in hopes to keep the legacy going strong. Rage, Wylie 70, was First to Finish and First in Class in the 2016 race and has previously snagged their fair share of victories before that. Rage will race Swiftsure then begin the rigorous preparations for Pac Cup 2018. PHRF -63

Monday, March 13, 2017

Entry Escape Artist, J/105

Looks like we're gonna have ourselves some friendly J/105 competition this year. First time participant, Escape Artist, skippered by Dana Sibilla, is the "youngest" of the four Portland based J/105 One Design teams. While this is the first Oregon Offshore for the boat, the combined experience of the crew will bring some stiff competition on the race course. Once in Victoria, Escape Artist will stay for Swiftsure then plans to make her way over for Whidbey Island Race Week for a second year.

 PHRF rating 93

Entry from Stay Gold, Morgan 36T

Always great to welcome new boat participants! Hailing from Gig Harbor, WA, Team Stay Gold, with skipper Brian Bugge, is an average group of sailors bound by their limitless passion for the sea. With a spirit of never-say-die, they'll stay gold until the end- no matter what comes their way. The plan is to continue on to Swiftsure before heading over to Her new permanent home, Hawaii. Good luck to you! PHRF rating 126

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Entry received for Velocity

Although skipper, Tom Keffer, took last year off to race the Pac Cup, he still helped us out on the start boat and for that we are grateful! That being said, we certainly are glad to have him back on the racing side of things this year. Velocity, J/42, is no stranger to the OOR. With a PHRF rating of 72, she is sure to keep things interesting!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

AMENDMENT #1 TO SERs Feb 14th, 2017

Amendment February 14th, 2017
Portland, OR


1.0.2 Races of extended duration along or not far removed from shorelines or in large unprotected bays or lakes, where a high degree of self-sufficiency is required of the boats

The below are changed to read:

Lifelines Lifelines SHALL be uncoated stainless steel wire. A multipart-lashing not to exceed 4" per end termination for the purpose of attaching lifelines to pulpits is allowed. Lifelines shall be taut (see appendix- Lifelines for requirements).

2.4.6 Boats under 28 feet (8.5m) shall have at least one lifeline with 18" (457mm) minimum height above deck, and a maximum vertical gap of 18" (457mm). Taller heights will require a second lifeline. The minimum diameter shall be as per Appendix- Lifelines

2.4.7 Boats 28 feet and over (8.50m) shall have at least two lifelines with 24" (762mm) minimum height above deck, and a maximum vertical gap of 15" (381mm). The minimum diameter shall be as per Appendix- Lifelines

The below are changed to read:

Emergency Communications
3.8.1 A boat shall have a permanently installed 25-watt VHF radio connected to a masthead antenna by a co-axial feeder cable with no more than a 40% power loss.  Radios manufactured after 01/01/2015 shall have DSC capability, have an antenna of at least 15" (381mm) in length, be connected to or have an internal GPS, and have the assigned MMSI number (unique to the boat) programed into the VHF.

3.8.2 A boat shall have the listed number of watertight handheld VHF radios or handheld VHF radios with waterproof cover. Radios manufactured after 01/01/2015, shall have DSC/GPS capability.

3.8.3 A boat shall have an emergency VHF antenna. The emergency antenna shall be equipped with sufficient coax to reach the deck, and have a minimum antenna length of 10" (254mm).

Main Sail Reefing
3.33.1 The maximum area of storm sails shall be lesser of the areas below or as
specified by the boat designer or sail maker

Rationale for changes: To adhere as strictly to the PIYA racing rules of sailing as possible with safety as our top priority. Please note: some other verbiage has been updated without changing the meaning of the specific rule.

Jeff Duvall, Event Chair
Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race