Wednesday, April 26, 2017

2017 Oregon Offshore Class Breakdown

What you have all been waiting for...

Kinetic V David Sutcliffe TP-52    -84
Rage Dave Raney Wylie 70    -63
Anam Cara Tom Kelly J/122    42
Hana Mari Ged McLean Wylie 43    66
Panama Red Chris Schweiger & Jeff McDonald Mumm 36    51
Riva Scott Campbell J/46    45
Velocity  Tom Keffer J/42    72
J/105 One Design
Abstract Doug Pihlaja J/105    93
Escape Artist Dana Sibilla J/105    93
Free Bowl of Soup Eric Hopper, Doug Schenk, Matt Davis J/105    93
Blue Martini Steve Ford Valiant    135
Desperado Jerry Barnes NY36    108
Passepartout Pete Shainin Stevens 47    114
Rain Drop Bill Huseby/Joby Easton Cascade 36    138
Sloop Dawg Adam Marvin Beneteau    93
Stay Gold Brian Bugge Morgan 36T    126
Aja Rich Elstrom Ericson 35-II    150
Cantata Tom Brownson Erickson 38    147
Cool Change Frank Noragon C&C38    144
Sol Pacifico Randall Barnes Catalina 470    141
Cruising Class
Souffle Phil Lewis Cal34    NA
Whoodat Kevin James Tartan 33     NA

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Customs: Difficult conversations

As a reminder, all boats are required to visit the customs dock when arriving in Victoria (pointed out below with a red arrow). Canadian laws are strict about any visitors who have DUI/DWI and/or Possession charges. We suggest each skipper verify that each crew member is in good standing prior to setting sail to avoid being denied access to Canada.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Amendment #2 to Notice of Race, Waivers, SERs

Amendment April 22, 2017
Portland, OR

Notice of Race, Waiver
Safety and Equipment Requirements

6.3     Removed description of the finish line.
Rationale for changes: The Sailing Instructions will outline the newly defined finish line
7.9    VHF station to use when communicating with the race committee at the finish line changed from Channel 72 to 71.
        Rationale for changes: To improve communications between racers and Race Committee

6.4, 6.5, 7.7, 7.14
Rationale for changes: The Sailing Instructions will outline the newly defined finish line and proper means of communication between racers and Race Committee


In keeping with RRS US prescription 82, we have modified the language of both the Skipper waiver and Crew waiver. This renders previously signed waivers obsolete.

ACTION: Each Skipper will re/submit waivers for himself and each of his crew members no later than 1700 hours May 10, 2017.

The below is changed to read:

Gear: Life rafts
3.39 A boat shall have adequate life raft(s) designed for life saving with designed capacity for containing the entire crew. The raft shall be capable of being carried to the lifelines within 15 seconds, and must be equipped with drogue and painter. If inflatable, it is recommended that it have two parallel buoyancy compartments. The raft shall hold a current certificate of inspection, and must be equipped for both manual and automatic inflation. If the raft does not provide capacity for the entire crew, a boat may be equipped with survival suits for each person aboard for whom life raft capacity is not provided. The suit shall be a universal size suitable for donning over regular clothing for keeping the wearer dry and afloat, shall be coverall type and shall include in its construction closed cell foam insulation designed to ensure survival from hypothermia of the wearer for a minimum of three hours when floating in 54F water. The suit(s) may be stowed below decks but must be readily accessible to the companionway. Suit(s) shall be government approved for survival usage.

Rationale for changes: To avoid unnecessary expense for participants who already have adequate safety equipment for all crew members.

Jenn Thompson, Commodore

Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Crossing the Bar

A friendly reminder for all delivery and race crews to respect the mighty Columbia River Bar.  Follow the links for some helpful information about crossing. Also, feel free to contact Jeff Duvall, our Oregon Offshore Chair, if you have any questions.
cell: 503-313-6560

Columbia River Bar Crossing Handout

Columbia River Bar Pilots: Traffic and Weather