Monday, May 18, 2015

New GoPro Video From the J/42 VELOCITY

Here's a new video from 2nd place (both PHRF A and overall - shortened course) winner VELOCITY.  An intrepid crew member on Tom Keffer's J/42 used a GoPro camera to film their 2015 Oregon Offshore experience.  

Watch for an interesting perspective on the sail change procedure starting at 1:58, and we wish we were in on the joke at 2:40.

Next year's theme is "40 for 40"; we're aiming for 40 boats (and more great videos!) for the 40th Oregon Offshore race.  Let's make it happen!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mea Culpa, Velocity!

Velocity had completed the shortened course and reported a time to the race committee, but her reported time did not make it to the scorer's table.  The CYC Race Committee regrets this error, and would like to recognize the crew of Velocity for their determination in finishing the shortened course.  Per the SI's, Velocity will be awarded 2nd place in PHRF A.  Congratulations, Velocity.

The finish order (overall) for the full course remains:
Rage 1st

The finish order (overall - corrected time) for the shortened course is:
Rage      1st
Velocity  2nd
Evermoore 3rd

Monday, May 11, 2015

Congratulations Rage on 1st to finish, 1st overall (and last to finish)

Light winds on the Washington coast for the extent of the race became an exercise in patience, then ultimately disappointment for many racers, as the time limit made the finish line out of reach.  One boat, Rage, managed to finish the course in the allotted time, and took home a collection of awards for her effort.  In PHRF C, Evermoore showed extreme tenacity, gutting it out to complete the shortened course before the time limit and securing 1st place in her class.

Fleet Awards
Rage         1st to Finish
Rage         1st Overall
Rage         Old Salt (last to finish)

PHRF A (Full Course)
Rage         1st
Anam Cara    DNF
Riva         DNF
Velocity     DNF

PHRF B (Shortened Course to Duntze Rock)
Ion          DNF
Passepartout DNF
Thirsty      DNF
Turnagain    DNF

PHRF C (Shortened Course to Duntze Rock)
Evermoore    1st
Aja          DNF
Cantata      DNF
Cool Change  DNF
Wy'East      DNF

Don't forget... Next year is the 40th Anniversary of the Oregon Offshore. Put it in your calendar, and tell your friends!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Finish Line Closing

I would like to thank my crew of finish line officials: Wayne & Sherrie Mason, Jenn, Keith, & Stuart Swingruber. I'm not sure of the facts, I have had the honor of officiating the finish line of the fastest Offshore in 2014 and the slowest this year. Thank you for having us, Kevin

Evermoore Retired

Skipper Rhys Balmer and the crew of Evermoore have reported their shortened course time and will be in Victoria in 9 hours. Good Race, Evermoore -- our smallest entrant, a Moore 24.