Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Soup Spills A Video!

If there was a category at the Academy Awards for "Best Sailing Video," these guys would get our vote! Here's another cool perspective with great music from the crew aboard "Free Bowl of Soup" from this year's 2016 CYC Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race!

2016 Oregon Offshore from Shortcake Photography on Vimeo.

Turnagain's 2016 Oregon Offshore Wrap-Up

Turnagain gives us a great first person narrative summary of this year's race:


Read More Here:


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Here's The First Entry For 2017's Race! (Just Kidding....)

These guys are a formidable looking "crew" for sure!

Happy Ending For Panama Red on the 2016 CYC Oregon Offshore!

The crew on Panama Red gets a special award for spreading international love and happiness during the 2016 CYC Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race! For those who don't know, they were instrumental in a very romantic proposal after the race... Who doesn't love a happy ending? Here are some pics courtesy of JT...

Here's the happy crew shoreside in Victoria

"Delivery Skipper" Jenn Thompson displaying their precious cargo...

Monday, May 16, 2016

Mucho Gusto!

A big thanks to our sponsors; to Tom Keffer, Gregg Bryden, and Mike Cassinelli and the Coho Sally for the work at the start; to Eric and Kim Rimkus, Gary Bruner for their work at the finish line; to Naomi Reichman, Kelsey Friedman, Heather Zieser, and Joe Hoffman, your hospitality crew; and to Charlotte Gann, Vern Burkhardt, Dennis McMillan, and Robert Johnson for the tracker support and awards BBQ; to Eric Rouzee for the outstanding Oregon Offshore logo.

Let's not forget our master-blogger, keeping you all informed and entertained... Flamingo Chris Christensen from Portland, OR. Well done and a million thanks, Chris.

CYC Portland couldn't run this event without the help of dozens of volunteers, and I am sure I am missing tons of names! Thank you to everyone who pitched in to make this thing a huge success for the last 40 years! Here's to another 40...